Engage Your Elected Official


Nonprofits at the Statehouse – OANO assists members in meeting with legislators. Visiting your legislator is probably the most effective way to introduce yourself and your organization. By getting to personally know your legislator, you can make your organization visible and be an effective advocate for issues that impact your organization and the communities you serve.

As part of the Nonprofits at the Statehouse program, OANO will assist interested members in scheduling a meeting with an elected official. OANO will also provide a folder of information that includes the legislator’s biography, tips for effective advocacy, a copy of OANO’s current public policy priorities, and a meeting report form. Prior to the meeting, OANO staff will be available to meet with the participant to discuss talking points and address last-minute questions or concerns. Through Nonprofits at the Statehouse, OANO hopes that you will be able to create and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with your legislator.

Need to locate your representative in the Ohio Senate or the Ohio House of Representatives?

Not sure who your federally elected official is? INDEPENDENT SECTOR has a USEFUL TOOL to help you find and contact your legislator.